Run the underlying program directly

In addition to cna GUI generation, you can also directly call the underlying program to generate directly.

[usage]: genCrossC2 [host] [port] [beaconKey_file] [rebind_dynamic_lib] [platform] [arch] [outputFileName] <stagerType>

-host       (cs https_listener host)
-port                4444 (cs https_listener port)
-beaconKey_file            specify `.cobaltstrike.beacon_keys` file, read from current directory by default
-rebind_dynamic_lib        select a dynamic library that requires communication protocol rebinding
-platform            'MacOS' / 'Linux'
-arch                'x86' / 'x64'
-stagerType (optional)        'shellcode' / 'stager'

    default config:
        ./genCrossC2 4444 null null MacOS x64 ./CrossC2-test

    specify `.cobaltstrike.beacon_keys` file:
        ./genCrossC2 4444 /tmp/cs_server/.cobaltstrike.beacon_keys null MacOS x64 ./CrossC2-test

    custom communication protocol:
        ./genCrossC2 4444 /tmp/cs_server/.cobaltstrike.beacon_keys ./ MacOS x64 ./CrossC2-test

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