Cross C2 Introduction

Generate CobaltStrike's cross-platform beacon

  • The test preview version supports Android & iOS.

  • Open API supports Linux and MacOS systems Loading from memory, no landing method Executing user-defined dynamic libraries (.so / .dylib) or executable files (ELF / MachO).

  • CobaltSttrike provides various result set interfaces, which can flexibly return information and easily implement portscan, screen shots, keyboard records, etc..

Support architecture description:

Windows Linux MacOS iOS Android Embedded
Run Env (x86)
Run Env (x64)
gen beacon (x86)
gen beacon (x64)
gen beacon (armv7)
gen beacon (arm64)
gen beacon (mips[el])

Restricted description:

  • Linux: For particularly old systems, you can choose "Linux-GLIBC" option in cna (around 2010)
  • MacOS: Latest systems only support 64-bit programs
  • iOS: sandbox, restricted cmd
  • Embedded: only *nix
  • ⍻ : Loader is still in progress

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